About Comet Group

With an experience of more than 30 years, Comet Group has accumulated the most extensive experience in food service equipment and professional kitchen products. We now proudly own the most exclusive brand portfolio, showrooms, and production facilities.

With a fully developed production facility in 10th of Ramadan city, we focus on utilizing our knowledge and experience as well as our partnership with our European brands to achieve the quality standards that the market demands locally and globally.

Comet Group has proudly left its mark in every commercial kitchen around you, from hotels, restaurants, and cafes to hospitals and resorts.



Comet Group’s vision is to become the market leader for commercial kitchen equipment in the Middle East & Africa. We provide the highest service & product quality to our clients to become partners of excellence in what they do.


Our mission is customer satisfaction through our deep market knowledge and prolonged experience by our professional team, we provide premium commercial kitchen equipment that foodservice and culinary professionals can trust to work with and deliver high quality food.

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Timeline of Experience


Comet Group was established in 1992 by Eng. Medhat Bahnassy the Chairman with a previous experience of six years in the field of designing, supplying, and installing kitchen, food service, bakery & pastry and laundry equipment for hotels & touristic projects. With
an incredibly ambitious vision, we aimed to not only meet but set new standards that exceed the existing local and global ones, it was our belief that we must evolve ourselves
and our market.


Sharm El Sheikh

In 1999, Comet Group established its first branch and showroom in Sharm El Sheikh with
an extended vision of serving existing and new hotels with special kinds of service using a
qualified team of sales, administration, engineers and technicians. Huge investment, focus,
specialization and hard work allowed Comet Group to guarantee its clients a special kind
of high-quality service to achieve the quality standard that the market demands.


In 2011 Comet Group established its new branch in Hurghada, thus a new luxury showroom
in the red sea area offering a variety of services to our clients for all kitchen, bakery, pastry
and F&B equipment and small kitchen tools.


Qatar- Doha

In 2012 Comet Group expanded to cover the gulf area by opening a new branch in Doha
- Qatar (Comet Group Qatar) with the same concept of high quality service supporting
our business with a qualified and experienced technical team.

Comet Group for Industry

In 2020 Comet Group for Industry, the biggest step in comet group’s evolution thus far, a
fully-fledged manufacturing facility that doubles as our administration and showroom on
Egyptian grounds.